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Foreclosure Prevention Services


Let Us Help To Stop The Foreclosure Process!

My name is Aaron Sams, and I'm a licensed realtor and owner of Sams Realty Group, and our passion is helping people to stop pending foreclosures by paying off outstanding mortgage balances and property taxes, while enabling homeowners to remain in their home if desired.  We offer the following assistance to homeowners seeking to stop a pending foreclosure and remain in their home.

Below is an overview of our foreclosure prevention process:

  • Step #1

    We first contact the lender to obtain the both the payoff amount (the amount to pay off the entire mortgage) and the reinstatement amount (the amount to bring the mortgage current and to stop the foreclosure).

  • Step #2

    Depending on the condition and the amount of equity in the home, we will negotiate and establish an agreement with the homeowner.  We will either present an offer to pay off the entire mortgage balance, or to reinstate the mortgage to bring it current, stop the foreclosure, and take over all remaining mortgage payments.

  • Step #3

    We will negotiate a cash payment to be made directly to the homeowner at closing. If the mortgage was re-instated to stop the foreclosure, we will continue making the monthly mortgage payments on behalf of the homeowner each month until it is paid off in full (thereby increasing their credit score).

Time is of the essence with the pending foreclosure date fast approaching, so please call me at 210-788-1034, and I'd be more than glad to discuss how we can help. I look forward to speaking with you at your earliest convenience!

Important Forms and Notices

Link To Information About Brokerage Services (IABS):  IABS-Form-Aaron-Sams

Link To Consumer Protection Notice (CPN):  CN 1-5_0


I would be very interested in speaking or meeting with you to discuss how I can assist you in the areas of real estate, insurance, business consulting, or government contracting support.  Feel free to either send me an email at [email protected], or call me at (210) 788-1034, and I would be more than glad to schedule a face to face meeting or phone conversation accordingly. I hope this helps, and I look forward to speaking with you soon!

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