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Mortgage Payment Relief


We Buy Homes By Taking Over Mortgage Payments!

Sell Your Property Subject To The Existing Mortgage Remaining In Place

*What Does It Mean To Sell Your House “Subject to the Existing Mortgage?”

  • Buyer purchases home by taking over remaining mortgage payments and all other obligations (any liens, etc.)
  • Buyer gets deed to property (which represents ownership) | Mortgage remains in seller’s name after closing
  • Sale price is calculated as offered cash payment + remaining mortgage balance (and any liens)

*When Should A Seller Consider This Type of Transaction Instead of a Traditional Sale?

  • Low equity (seller avoids bringing money to closing to pay off mortgage, closing costs, liens, etc.)
  • Facing foreclosure or behind on payments (seller gets mortgage payment relief and credit score help)
  • Distressed property (seller avoids making repairs that would be required with traditional financing)

*Can The Seller Obtain Another Mortgage With This Loan Still In Their Name?

  • After 12 months this mortgage payment can be offset from the seller’s debt to income ratio (subject to underwriting approval)
  • For VA loans, the seller will be able to use their remaining entitlement minus this mortgage balance

*How Long Will the Mortgage Remain in the Seller’s Name?

  • Our obligation is to pay the monthly mortgage payments until it fully amortizes and reaches full term.

*How Do You Protect the Seller’s Interests? What Are The Associated Risks?

  • We make payments on all mortgages by the 10th of the month (we provide email confirmation to sellers)
  • We maintain adequate liquid capital via lines of credit and saving accounts to meet all financial obligations
  • Loans contain a “due on sale” clause giving the lender the ability to call the loan due if the deed is transferred
    ---While lenders can exercise this option, they primarily prefer to collect payments with accrued interest
    ---We may exercise the option to purchase the property in a trust to mitigate this risk (Garn St Germain Act)
    ---We make timely mortgage payments and establish the insurance appropriately to mitigate this risk


  • I am a resource to help sellers avoid the expenses, the hassles, and the inconveniences of a traditional sale.
  • I cover all closings costs so that sellers have no out of pocket expenses
  • I buy homes in “as-is” condition with no repairs required
  • I can close in as fast 2-3 weeks (or allow the seller to set a closing date at their convenience)
  • I pay Realtor commissions!
  • I look forward to building a relationship with you!

Important Forms and Notices

Link To Information About Brokerage Services (IABS):  IABS-Form-Aaron-Sams

Link To Consumer Protection Notice (CPN):  CN 1-5_0


I would be very interested in speaking or meeting with you to discuss how I can assist you in the areas of real estate, insurance, business consulting, or government contracting support.  Feel free to either send me an email at [email protected], or call me at (210) 788-1034, and I would be more than glad to schedule a face to face meeting or phone conversation accordingly. I hope this helps, and I look forward to speaking with you soon!

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