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GSA Schedule Services


Sams Contracting Consulting and Training provides GSA Schedule offer and modification consulting support to help government contractors sell to the Federal Government.

What Is A GSA Schedule?

A GSA Schedule is a 20 year contract in which you pre-negotiate pricing and contract terms with the General Services Administration (GSA). Using these pre-negotiated rates for your company's offered products/services on your GSA Schedule, your firm would now be able to establish Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) with federal customers seeking to purchase goods/services off of your GSA Schedule on a recurring as-needed basis.

Why Pursue A GSA Schedule?

Having a GSA Schedule will also allow your firm to establish Contractor Teaming Agreements (CTAs) with other companies that possess a GSA Schedule so that jointly both parties can list their capabilities, their qualifications, their resources, and their past performance in order to gain a competitive advantage over other companies.

From a marketing standpoint, your company can submit unsolicited proposals (i.e. "white papers") to your customer outlining your technical solutions and pricing in accordance with the terms negotiated on your GSA Schedule, while also highlighting that the contracting office can purchase directly from your firm as the suggested acquisition strategy. Implementing this strategy enables your company to steer certain opportunities directly to your firm.

From a partnering standpoint, your company can enter into partnerships with other firms without a GSA Schedule that have an existing relationship with a Federal customer that has a current requirement, and you can utilize your GSA Schedule contract vehicle to facilitate and broker the transaction where your firm would perform a minimum of 51% of the work.

Finally as a federal contractor, you may be aware that the Federal Government primarily purchases commercial products and services through GSA's E-BUY System, and as such, only companies who have a GSA Schedule are alerted to these opportunities that are not posted on the System For Award (SAM) website. As such, possessing a GSA schedule will enable your firm to pursue opportunities that are solicited through GSA's E-Buy system, where there is less competition and a greater opportunity for success!

Initial GSA Schedule Offer Support Services

Option 1: GSA Schedule Guidance To Submission
+ -

In this capacity we serve as your team's subject matter expert to guide you the process of completing your offer, while providing you with checklists, templates and tools to help you successfully complete the proposal package to include a step by step walk-through of how to respond, upload and submit your offer package. We also work to verify that the information and documentation being submitted is accurate and complete. Under this package, the consultant serves as a guide to assist the client through the offer submission process, which is an ideal solution for those firms that would like to take a "hands-on" approach to completing the necessary paperwork.

*Period of Performance: Support Extends 30 Days From Date Of Contract Execution (terminates upon submission of offer)

*Payment Terms: $2,500 due at execution - $2,500 due at submission

*A La Carte Services: 

  • Clarification Responses:$550/each
  • GSA Negotiations: $350
  • MAS Pricelist Creation & SIP Upload: $550
Option 2: GSA Schedule Turnkey Completion Through Award
+ -

In this capacity we help expedite the submission process by completing the offer package on your behalf, thereby minimizing the amount of time and resources required by your company to complete the proposal offer. Our team will offer a complete turnkey solution by completing all of the required documentation (to include technical writing, pricing documentation, and past performance write ups), uploading and submitting the offer, and handling all post-offer submission negotiations and responsibilities to ensure the approval of your GSA Schedule offer (this includes completion of the FPR and upload of the terms and conditions pricelist via the SIP Program).

Under this package, the consultant is responsible for the overall acceptance and approval of the GSA Schedule offer, and bears responsibility to make the required revisions and updates to the client’s offer until offer acceptance and award of schedule. Upon award of the schedule, the consultant shall provide a 1-2 hour training to the Ebuy and sales reporting system, along with providing guidance and tips regarding how to effectively market the company’s GSA Schedule.

*Period of Performance: Indefinitely through offer submission until contract award.

*Payment Terms: $2,500 due at execution - $2,500 due at submission - $2,500 due at award

GSA Schedule Modification Support Services

Monthly Retainer For GSA Maintenance Services
+ -


*Adding/Removing Negotiators

*Accepting/Approving Mass Mods

*Performing Quarterly Sales Reporting

*Answering GSA Schedule related questions concerning Ebuy & Elibrary

Period of Performance: Month To Month: Support automatically renews on the 1st of each month. Client can cancel the forthcoming month at any time via email notification.

Compensation: $250/month (credit card billed automatically on the 1st of each month)

One Time Add/Remove Authorized Negotiators
+ -

*Flat investment of $250

*Period of Performance: 1-2 days for submission

*Payment Terms: $250 due upon execution of agreement

One Time Emod To Update/Change Terms and Conditions
+ -

*Flat investment of $550

*Period of Performance: 1-2 days for submission

*Payment Terms: $550 due upon execution of agreement

One Time Pricelist Revision & Upload via SIP Program
+ -

*Flat investment of $550

*Period of Performance: 2 days for submission

*Payment Terms: $550 due upon execution

1-2 Hour GSA Ebuy & Sales Reporting Training
+ -

Interactive training designed to provide your team with guidance on how to identify and respond to opportunities in Ebuy, tips for marketing your GSA schedule to target clients, strategies for identifying potential competitors and potential partners, and a walkthrough on how to report quarterly sales.

*Flat investment of $550

*Period of Performance: Date and Time TBD by client

*Payment Terms: $550 due upon execution of agreement

Exercise Option Period Response
+ -

Completion of all required documentation and provision of all required responses to complete the requirements necessary for the exercise of the next option period. Support includes revising GSA terms and conditions pricelist and upload of the pricelist via SIP.

*Flat investment of $550

*Period of Performance: 1-2 Business Days

*Payment Terms: $550 due upon execution

Emods To Escalate Rates Based On Establish EPA
+ -

*Flat investment of $1,700 (support includes revision of GSA pricelist and upload of SIP textfile)

*Period of Performance: 1 Week For Submission

*Payment Terms: $850 due upon execution/$850 due upon approval of Emod

Emods To Add New Products/Labor Categories Under Existing SINs
+ -

*Flat Investment of $1,900 (support includes revision of GSA pricelist and upload of SIP textfile)

*Period of Performance: 2-3 Weeks For Submission

*Payment Terms: $950 due upon execution/$950 due upon approval of Emod

Emods To Add New SIN Categories (to include adding new labor categories)
+ -

*$1,750 base cost for Emod + *$550 per each SIN being added)

*Period of Performance: 2-3 Weeks For Submission

*Payment terms: 50% due upon execution/50% due upon approval

Rate Sheet & Consulting Agreement


I would be very interested in speaking or meeting with you to discuss how I can assist you in the areas of real estate, insurance, business consulting, or government contracting support.  Feel free to either send me an email at [email protected], or call me at (210) 788-1034, and I would be more than glad to schedule a face to face meeting or phone conversation accordingly. I hope this helps, and I look forward to speaking with you soon!

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