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VOSB/SDVOSB Certification


Sams Contracting Consulting and Training can complete the certification application process to help firms obtain their VOSB/SDVOSB certification through the SBA’s VetCert Portal.

Eligibility Requirements

*A veteran or service disabled veteran(s) must have 51% or more ownership and control in the company

*The company must be registered in the System for Award Management (www.sam.gov)

The company must be a small business according to the SBA’s size standards

Benefits of Being VOSB/SDVOSB Certified

*Getting certified by SBA as service-disabled veteran-owned (SDVOSB) makes your business eligible to compete for sole-source and set-aside contracts. At least 3% of all federal contracting dollars each year are set aside specifically for certified SDVOSBs. You can also compete for contracts under other qualifying socio-economic programs.

*Getting certified by SBA as veteran-owned (VOSB) makes your business eligible to compete for sole-source and set-aside contracts at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The VA sets aside at least 7% of its contracts each year specifically for certified VOSBs and SDVOSBs.

Supporting Documents Needed For VOSB/SDVOSB Certification

Required Supporting Documents
+ -

*Business and/or personal professional, industry, and/or other licenses, permits or accreditations held by Applicant and/or its employees which are required for Applicant to do business.


*Resumes of all owners, directors, partners, officers and other key personnel, which include: education and training received; former employers, dates of employment, position titles and responsibilities; present employer, date of hire, position title and responsibilities.


*For all owners of a VOSB/SDVOSB that own 33% ownership or greater, to include Sole Proprietors, include IRS personal Federal tax form 1040, U.S. Individual Income Tax Return, with all corresponding W-2s and K-1s as well as the Schedule C that were submitted to the IRS for the past three years. For S Corporations, Federal tax form 1120S (plus K-1(s)) (S corporations); For C Corporations, Federal tax form 1120, U.S. Corporation Income Tax Return, for the past three years.


*Payroll Distribution Ledger Summary and W-2’s (Wage and Tax Statement) for preceding year (Full year) and year to date (Jan to present)


*Signature cards authenticated by financial institutions (Banks/Credit Unions/etc.) and approximately 20 cancelled checks from operating account (black out routing number and account number)


*Copies of last 5 contracts and proposals (if applicable)


*Management and Services agreements, to include Building Lease agreements and negotiated checks or instruments supporting payment of the agreements (Last 3 months’ worth)


*Operating Agreement including all amendments


*Official Certificate of Formation and Operating Agreement with any amendments


*Minutes of first and most recent stockholder and Board of Directors meetings


*All corporate bylaws and all amendments


*Articles or certificate of incorporation filed with the Secretary of State including all amendments


*Stock registers for Applicant or stock ledgers showing listing all shares of issuance.


*DD 214 and Letter of Disability (If Applicable)

Offered VOSB/SDVOSB Certification Support

*Initial Certification: $2,000

----$1,000 due upon execution of the agreement

----$1,000 due upon award of the certification

*Certification Renewal: $550

Rate Sheet & Consulting Agreement


I would be very interested in speaking or meeting with you to discuss how I can assist you in the areas of real estate, insurance, business consulting, or government contracting support.  Feel free to either send me an email at [email protected], or call me at (210) 788-1034, and I would be more than glad to schedule a face to face meeting or phone conversation accordingly. I hope this helps, and I look forward to speaking with you soon!

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