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RMLO Support


Scope Of RMLO Support Provided

Servicer’s duties include the following:

  • Taking information from the borrower and receiving borrower input on prequalification applications;


  • Analyzing the prospective borrower's income and debt and pre-qualifying the prospective borrower to determine the maximum mortgage that the prospective borrower can afford


  • Collecting financial information (tax returns, bank statements) and other related documents that are part of the application process (to be maintained in an electronic cloud database


  • Providing disclosures (truth in lending, good faith estimate, others) to the borrower


  • Maintaining regular contact with the borrower, realtors, closing agent, and lender, between application and closing to apprise them of the status of the application and to gather any additional information as needed;


  • Participating in the closing process;

RMLO Fee Schedule

  • Loan amount under $250k:  RMLO Fee = 1% of loan amount or $550 minimum
  • Loan amount between $250k - $350k:  RMLO Fee = .75%: of loan amount)
  • Loan amount over $350k (.5% of loan amount)


Compensation for RMLO ’s services rendered on behalf of Lender shall be paid directly to RMLO at the time of settlement. If the mortgage loan is denied or does not close by the expiration of this contract, said Lender is only liable for actual expenses incurred by the RMLO ($100 technology and application fee).

RMLO Agreement

Click here to download our RMLO Agreement:  RMLO-Agreement-S2-Professional-LLC

Owner Finance Application (For Borrowers)

Link to online owner finance application page:  https://samsonestop.com/owner-finance-application/

Click this link to download a paper copy of the owner application: Owner-Finance-Application-S2-Professional-LLC


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